Detail from  Leaves on Water , 2014.

Detail from Leaves on Water, 2014.

Nature. Identity. Process.

The beauty of nature, the emotion of identity, and the challenge of process: my art deals primarily with these three themes. Sometimes they merge into a singe piece, sometimes an entire project is devoted to the exploration of just one.

Repetition and reduction are my methods of attack. I translate the infinite variety of forms of the natural world into reduced and repeated elements of my own making, all while aiming to retain the pure beauty of what I see.

Transformation is a linking thread through my art. I am always curious to capture those moments when one thing becomes another; when lines of identity are blurred; when a duality exists within a single entity. My prints are snapshots of those moments.

I borrow with intention. Following the grand artistic tradition of appropriation, I do not balk at taking inspiration from those who went—and created—before me, because through the active process of reworking an image, I make it my own.